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Aesthetic Medicine

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The Ascroft Medical Aesthetic Clinic is committed to quality, compassionate care, superior patient satisfaction and excellence in facial rejuvenation and skin treatments using modern non-invasive techniques.

Look as great as you feel

A natural look, safe and customised treatments tailored to your individual needs are the key words of our treatment philosophy and practice behind our Aesthetic Medicine Department.

Treatments can be accessed as stand-alone procedures, or as part of a synergistic and holistic pathway of care.

Treatments by fully qualified doctors

All cosmetics procedures are performed by fully qualified and experienced doctors, so you can rest assured that your safety, quality of care and patient comfort are at that the forefront of the service we provide.

Warm, friendly and totally confidential staff are committed to a single goal – offering you the best care possible.

The most innovative treatments available

The team of our specialists makes every effort, tracks global trends so that the clinic’s offer includes the latest, most innovative, the most effective and the safest solutions in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Wrinkle and line reduction treatments

We offer wrinkle-reducing muscle relaxation treatments, dermal fillers, volumetric treatments, Profhilo skin remodelling, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, mesotherapy and skin peels.

All our treatments are authorised and safe to use

To ensure highest standards of treatments our practitioners use only best quality products confirmed with medical research background and supplied from authorised distributors.

Our clinic is a place created for people who value comfort, professionalism, and look for treatments in aesthetic medicine at the highest level.

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