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Ascroft Medical is proud to offer the latest technology dental radiographs.

They are fully digital and x-ray images can be transferred via email, USB memory stick or a CD-ROM. There are three types of x-ray imaging we can offer, the use is determined by the clinician, clinical needs and the area of interest.

Intra oral radiographs

These are the smallest X-ray images taken inside patient’s mouth and transferred to the computer reader via small phosphor plates, the image is used to detect tooth decay, fillings problems, coronal cracks, marginal bone loss, root pathology etc.

It’s normally an integral part of the dental examination due to minimal dose of radiation and a wealth of information the dentist can obtain regarding the dental health of the patient being examined.

Panoramic radiographs

Also known as OPG x-rays are two dimensional images of patient’s mouth taken by extra oral x-ray camera rotating slowly around the patient’s head.

The image is especially valuable for diagnosing more complex problems, such as periodontal disease, implants placements, position of nerves and sinus cavities.

OPg x-rays are also used for pre operative planning before complicated extractions.

3D radiographs

They are also known as Cone Beam Computerised Tomography radiographs.

They are used to help the patients with utmost complex dental problems where standard two dimensional images cannot fully reveal the problem.

It is utilised to visualise the complicated anatomy of root canals before treatment orre-endo procedures, implant placement preparations, impacted wisdom teeth positions, root cracks etc…

All radiographs are taken under strict local rules regulated by the General Dental Council
and UK Radiation Protection Authorities guidelines’ to ensure patients’ safety.

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