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Gynaecology / Obstetrics​

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The focus of Ascroft Medical Clinic is always about provision of high quality patient care.

The whole team, including all the clinic staff, work hard  to ensure that  patient care is provided in a professional and sensitive manner; ensuring we fullfill patient expectations of high quality treatment.

Gynaecologist Visit

A Gynaecologist consultation can provide a gynaecological examination, a vaginal or breast ultrasound or fully comprehensive service depending on your needs.

Our specialist doctor, Dr Dorota Cybulska and Dr Emilia Gasiorowska are both available to monitor ovulation.

Doctor Dorota Cybulska also offers HyCoSy procedure (fallopian tube patency test) as well as consultations for patients and their partners regarding infertility treatment.

Obstetric Appointment

At Ascroft Medical we offer the following, just contact us for more details.

With the obstetric consultation and Ultrasound scan we also offer a picture.

Continuous contact with one of our doctors is available and they are more than happy to answer any questions and help with any concerns or problems a patients might experience during their pregnancy. 

Gynaecologist Diagnosis

Ascroft Medical provides a range of gynaecological diagnostics. We carry out following tests:

We also undertake tests, including urethral swabs to detect Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Mycoplasma, Genitalium, Ureaplasma, Herpes Virus I / II

Dietetic Diagnostics

Doctor Dorota Cybulska is a specialist not only in the field of gynaecology. She also conducts dietary consultations that are related to variety of disorders. These include:

  • malfunction of the thyroid gland,
  • glucose and insulin management,
  • genetic mutations if they are diagnosed after carrying out laboratory tests.

Aesthetic Gynaecology

Ascroft Medical specialists understand the needs of women and offers treatments in the field of aesthetic gynaecology.

When there are changes in the genital area, we can offer treatments to improve your quality of life. We offer treatment of cervical lesions and removal of genital warts by cryotherapy.

We also offer a completely safe ‘O-shot’ treatment (orgasm-shot), which solves the problem of insufficient sexual sensations. Thanks to this treatment, we are able to improve the physiological efficiency of female sexual organs and rebuild the experience of femininity and pleasure to the full.

Care of Oncological Patients

Dr Emilia Gąsiorowska specialises in both gynaecology and oncology. For years, she has been perfecting advanced techniques of minimal invasive surgery.

She can provide the treatment of endometriosis and hormonal disorders.

In addition to comprehensive gynaecology, Dr Gąsiorowska, specialises in the treatment of gynaecological neoplasms. She can offer screening tests for neoplastic diseases.


For health reasons, it is not always possible for a woman to take birth control in a form of a pill.

In order to choose the contraceptive method that suits you best, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.  Our specialists in our clinic offer advice, assistance, knowledge and experience in choosing the contraceptive method which is right for you.

These include:

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