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Biochemistry is the branch of science that explores the chemical processes and substances occurring
within living organisms. It involves the study of the structure, properties, and functions of
biomolecules, such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids, as well as the chemical
reactions and pathways that occur within cells and tissues.

Here are some key areas of study in biochemistry:

1. Biomolecules: Biochemists investigate the structure, composition, and properties of various
biomolecules found in living organisms. Proteins, for example, are studied for their amino acid
composition, folding patterns, and functions in enzymatic reactions, cell signaling, and structural
support. Carbohydrates are examined for their role in energy storage and cellular recognition. Lipids
are analyzed for their function in membrane structure, energy storage, and signaling. Nucleic acids
are explored for their role in storing and transmitting genetic information.

2. Metabolism: Biochemistry explores the chemical reactions and pathways that occur within cells,
collectively known as metabolism. This includes the breakdown (catabolism) and synthesis
(anabolism) of molecules, such as carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins, to provide energy, build
cellular components, and maintain homeostasis. Metabolic pathways, such as glycolysis, the citric
acid cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation, are investigated to understand how cells derive energy
from nutrients.

3. Enzymes and Enzyme Kinetics: Enzymes are proteins that catalyze biochemical reactions in living
organisms. Biochemists study enzymes and their kinetics to understand how they speed up chemical
reactions, regulate metabolic pathways, and respond to environmental factors. Enzyme inhibitors
and activators are investigated for their role in regulating enzyme activity and controlling cellular

4. Gene Expression and Regulation: Biochemistry plays a crucial role in studying gene expression and
regulation, which determines how genetic information is transcribed and translated into proteins.
This includes investigating DNA structure, replication, transcription, and translation processes.
Regulatory mechanisms, such as transcription factors and epigenetic modifications, are examined to
understand how gene expression is controlled and influenced by various factors.

5. Biochemical Techniques: Biochemists employ a wide range of experimental techniques and
instruments to investigate and analyze biomolecules. These techniques include chromatography,
electrophoresis, spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, mass spectrometry, and recombinant DNA
technology. These tools help in isolating, characterizing, and manipulating biomolecules, as well as
studying their interactions and functions.

Biochemists often work in research laboratories, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and
biotechnology firms. Their work contributes to advancements in fields such as medicine, agriculture,
genetics, and drug development. They may be involved in understanding disease mechanisms,
developing new drugs, improving agricultural practices, or exploring biotechnological applications.

Overall, biochemistry plays a fundamental role in unraveling the chemical basis of life and deepening
our understanding of biological processes at a molecular level.

At Ascroft Medical we offer a range of Haematology tests suited to help you and your doctors in
checking and monitoring the health of your blood. If you require a test that is not listed please contact us here.

Biochemistry Individual Tests:

Test AcronymTest NamePrice
17 OH17 OH - Progesterone£ 80.00
ALPAlkaline Phosphatase£ 25.00
AMYAmylase£ 30.00
ASTAspartate Aminotransferase£ 25.00
TBABile Acids£ 70.00
TBILBilirubin Total£ 25.00
CRP / hsCRPC Reactive Protein / high sensitive C Reactive Protein£ 40.00
ChoCholesterol Total£ 25.00
CKCreatine Kinase£ 40.00
Crea / eGFRCreatinine / Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate£ 25.00
FERRFerritin£ 40.00
GGTGamma GT£ 25.00
RBG / FBGGlucose - Random / Fasting£ 30.00
HOMOHomocysteine£ 80.00
(IODI)Iodine (Serum) £ 120.00
FeIron£ 30.00
LIPALipase£ 50.00
LPALipoprotein (a)£ 70.00
MgMagnesium£ 25.00
OGTTOral Glucose Tolerance Test£ 90.00
PFTPancreas Function Tests£ 80.00
PhosPhospate£ 25.00
PrtgProteinogram / Protein Electrophoresis incl. immunoglobin£ 70.00
NaSodium (NA) (Y)£ 25.00
TPTotal Protein£ 25.00
TRFTransferrin£ 55.00
TROPTroponin T£ 80.00
UAUric Acid£ 25.00
UCUrine Chemistry£ 40.00
VitB6Vitamin B6£ 60.00
VitB12Vitamin B12£ 45.00
VitDVitamin D 25 (OH)£ 70.00
ZnZinc£ 80.00

Biochemistry Profiles:

Test AcronymTest NamePrice
Bio1Biochemistry Profile£ 70.00
Bio2Haematology and Biochemistry£100.00
HFP1Heart Function Profile 1£100.00
HFP2Heart Function Profile 2£120.00
HFP3Heart Function Profile 3£130.00
ISPIron Status Profile£ 70.00
KFP1Kidney Function Profile 1£ 60.00
LFPLiver Function Profile£ 60.00
LPLipid Profile£ 60.00
UEUrea and Electrolites£ 70.00
VitMinVitamins and Minerals£ 80.00