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Frequently asked questions about dental implants

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What a dental implant really is…

Dental implants are a very popular solution to the problem of one or more missing teeth. The surgical procedure involves implementation of the dental implant and allows the restoration of the missing tooth, which not only looks like a tooth but fulfils the same function.

Dental implants are made from titanium and are settled in the jaw bone: the bone eventually rebuilds around it. Implants made from titanium are very sturdy to cope with high strain while eating or chewing. The treatment at Polish clinic Ascroft Medical is performed using local anaesthesia, which is painless. After a few months following the surgery, the implant will be fully integrated with the bone.


Dental implants do not replace a missing tooth. It is necessary to make prosthetics such as a denture, crown or a bridge on top of the implant. It is possible to rebuild more than one tooth, close more extensive gaps and achieve full rehabilitation of patient’s occlusion.

Frequently asked questions:

How many implants are needed to replace missing teeth?

It always depends on the number of missing teeth. Quite often it is not necessary to replace all of them. In case of an edentulous jaw bone, the oral surgeon may use 6-8 implants and in case of smaller gaps, 2-4 implants are used. Each case has to be examined individually by the dentist, and a specific treatment plan will be proposed for each case.

What can be done when the patient’s bone health is not good enough for the implant placement?

In cases where a patient is suffering from bone loss or deficit of tissue, the proposed solution is to perform bone augmentation treatment. As a result, a necessary base is created for the implant.

Can anyone have implant placement done?

Most patients are qualified for dental implants without any problems. There is currently a wide range of implant systems on the market. The best method can be adapted for the patient. However, some patients might not be eligible for such treatment. That’s why the patient must have implant consultation first to decide if they qualify for such treatment.

Is the implant treatment painful?

Many patients find the implant treatment very comfortable. The best solution is to use local anesthetic (free at Ascroft Medical, see pricelist).

How do I take care of implants?

They should be treated and looked after like your own teeth. It is recommended that you brush regular and see your doctor every 6 months for a routine check-up. Basic or advanced hygiene appointments are highly recommended.

What will I need for the first implant consultation?

The dentist will ask you about your expectations and needs. If you have an X-ray, please bring it with you. Additional photos will be taken, but it will help to do accurately analyse and propose a suitable treatment plan.

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