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Newsletter May 2023

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May is the month when we can feel the first rays of sunshine.

Do you know how to recognize the HPV virus?
If not, make an appointment with our gynecologist Dr. Dorota Cybulska, who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of HPV-related conditions. At our clinic, among the diagnostic methods we perform DNA test and cytological examination.

If your child has difficulty communicating or is developing abnormal speech – we have a specialist who can help you! Speech therapist Magdalena Ziarkowska specializes in working with children, and adults as well.

Approaching the time to remove your contraceptive implant or simply decided to change your contraceptive method? Our Dr. Aleksandra Makojnik will provide you with professional care and safe contraceptive implant removal.

Taking care of your oral health is key, for a beautiful smile! That’s why our hygienist Anna Hanik offers a comprehensive periodontal cleaning service, and even scaling both: under and over the gums.

Did you know that trichoscopy is a diagnostic method that allows you to observe and evaluate your scalp and hair? Our trichologist Marta Kucharska-Sakowicz uses a special optical device called a trichoscope during the examination, which allows you to zoom in and see your scalp and hair in detail.

Discover the rhythm of your heart! At our clinic, Dr. Andrzej Rzeuski performs an EKG test, which is the recorded electrical activity of the heart using electrodes attached to the skin of the chest.

Don’t wait and get yourself examined today!

Ascroft Medical

Trichoscopy The key to healthy hair.

Marta Kucharska-Sakowicz

Help your child speak fluently and clearly.

Magdalena Ziarkowska
Speech Therapy

Removal of implant - contraception from the frame.

Dr Aleksandra Makojnik
General Practitioner / Internist

How do you recognize HPV infection?

Dr Dorota Cybulska
Gynecologist / Obstetrician

Discover the rhythm of your heart.

Dr Andrzej Rzeuski
Medical Doctor with interest in Cardiology

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