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Newsletter November 2023

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November is one of the colder months, so it's easy to catch a cold.

Have you ever heard of Damon braces? This is a unique system that has turned orthodontic treatment upside down, offering efficiency, comfort and discretion! For example, an innovative approach – Damon braces are a selfligating system, which means they do not require ligature elastics, traditionally holding wires in place. This reduces treatment time and allows more freedom of tooth movement. Want to learn more? Book an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Marcin Piekara.

An orthopedic consultation is the first step in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal problems, such as: joint pain or back problems. It’s a chance to get an accurate assessment of your condition and develop a treatment plan. An orthopedic consultation is a key step in improving your musculoskeletal health. If you have any ailments, don’t delay and book a consultation with dr. Jacek Dygut.

Microscopic endodontic treatment! This is an advanced technology that allows precise and effective treatment of teeth, preserving their natural structure. Discover the benefits of endodontic treatment under the microscope: greater precision, better visibility, minimal invasiveness, better diagnostics and more accurate monitoring of treatment progress.

Blood tests are a key part of taking care of your health. It allows us to get valuable information about the condition of our body and potential risks. With blood tests, we can detect health problems earlier, monitor the effects of treatment, and adjust our diet and lifestyle to suit our individual needs.

Extraction of wisdom tooth is often a necessary dental procedure that can be performed for a variety of reasons, such as lack of space in the mouth, infection, or problems with growing eighths. If you have concerns about pulling out your eights, book an appointment with dr. Karolina Maluga. 
Do you ever notice bleeding gums while brushing? It’s a signal you shouldn’t ignore! Gum bleeding can result from improper oral hygiene. The solution? Schedule an appointment with a dental hygienist Joanna Mazur! Our specialist can not only clean your teeth but also provide you with valuable guidance on proper oral hygiene.

BRACES Healthy teeth, beautiful smile

Dr Marcin Piekara
Dentist with interest in Orthodontics

Why is it worth doing blood tests?

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Extraction of wisdom tooth

Dr Karolina Maluga
Dentist with interest in Dental Surgery

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