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Newsletter October 2023

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October is the month of highest probability of catching a virus or bacteria, which could cause a cold or flu.

Consultation with our internist is the first step to check your health concerns. Dr. Alina Kujawa will help you understand what blood tests may be best for you. Our internist will adjust the approach to your age and individual needs. Testing is the key to correct diagnosis and effective treatment.

Dr. Dorota Cybulska, an experienced gynecologist and obstetrician, cares about the health and safety of our patients during pregnancy. At our clinic, patients have the opportunity to see their little ones in 3D/4D! When is the best time to do consultation with obstetric ultrasound?
Between 26 and 32 weeks of pregnancy, and as part of the examination, parents receive beautiful photos and a video of their baby.

We offer removal of fibromas, seborrheic warts, cellular nevi and viral warts by electrocoagulation! The electrocoagulation method is an effective way to remove unwanted skin lesions with minimal discomfort. Our experienced specialist Dr. Ewa Joss-Wichman will provide you with a safe and professional approach to the procedure.

Knee pain can be caused by a variety of factors, such as injury, overexertion or age-related problems. Whatever the cause, our experienced orthopedist, Dr. Jacek Dygut, can help you understand the source of the pain and find an appropriate treatment plan.

Multiple dyslalia is one of the speech therapy challenges that can affect our young patients. What is it about? It is a difficulty in the correct articulation of speech sounds, which can have a variety of causes. Magdalena Ziarkowska, our speech therapist specializing in this area offers comprehensive diagnostics and therapy, helping children develop clear speech and improve communication.

At our clinic, Dr. Piotr Kieruzel will help you choose the right prosthesis. We offer dentures such as Acrylic denture, flexi denture, partial denture and chrome-cobalt denture (skeletal). Don’t think twice about this solution! Because it can make you feel better by improving your aesthetics, boosting your self-confidence, better chewing function and better speech.

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Product of the month!

GIFT OF LOVE enchanting aromatherapy collection
A confidence-unlocking bath and body gift set

An ultra-indulgent body collection infused with amorous rose quartz and a bouquet of the world’s most irresistible flowers, including pink frangipani, rose and Tahitian monoï.
The perfect way to celebrate a loved one, this self-care ritual is ideal for those who deserve a reminder of how special they are – think: tired parents, busy friends, hardworking partners, and anyone in between.

Freshly made using the most luxurious tropical butters and oils, our Enriching Bath and Shower Oil blends conditioning shea oil with mineral magnesium to replenish moisture levels and relax muscles.   
The Iridescent Body Silk cocoons skin in youth-enhancing rosehip oil to leave you intensely moisturised, as powdered rose quartz cloaks skin in radiant shimmer.

Medical Examinations

Dr Alina Kujawa
Medical Doctor

Consultstion with ultrasound scan of pregnancy in 3D/4D

Dr Dorota Cybulska
Gynecologist / Obstetrician

Electrocoagulation - Innovate method of removing skin lesions

Dr Ewa Joss - Wichman
Medical Doctor with interest in Dermatology / Venereology

Product of the month!

A confidence-unlocking bath and body gift set

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