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Newsletter September 2023

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September is the month when children are going back to school, so keep your children healthy and protect them from school viruses.

Looking for an expert opinion on orthopedics? An orthopedic consultation with USS is a comprehensive approach to your needs. During your visit, Dr. Jacek Dygut will assess the condition of your soft tissues and joints, allowing for an accurate diagnosis and individualized treatment.

Have you met our superheroine yet? Elzbieta Bartoszewicz has a unique ability to draw blood in our young patients. Her professionalism, patience and empathy make even the youngest take courage.

Your child has a great imagination and lots of ideas, but are you worried about his pronunciation? Magdalena Ziarkowska, is not only an expert in the field of speech therapy consultations, but also a real wizard who can create a unique space for small patients. Her warmth, commitment and creativity make learning correct pronunciation an adventure full of smiles and success!

Our cosmetologist Marta Kucharska-Sakowicz added an offer –  laser hair removal. As we know, autumn and winter is the perfect time for this type of treatment. Make an appointment and enjoy beautiful skin all year round!

Another month of raising oncology awareness is upon us! That’s why we’re starting with pre-booking for oncology research!  Pre-booking runs until September 30, so don’t waste time! Open your calendar and choose a date between October 7 and 29! You are invited to a  Liver – tumour markers and breast – tumour markers.

Biochemistry is a branch of science that deals with the study of chemical processes and substances found in living organisms. The results of blood biochemistry provide a lot of valuable information. During this test, the composition of blood plasma is analyzed. Biochemical blood tests give the doctor an idea of the functioning of almost all organs and glands, an assessment of hydration and nutritional status. Therefore, do not delay. Perform laboratory tests to check the state of your health.

Orthopedic consultation with USG

Dr Jacek Dygut
Orthopaedic surgery

Blood Collection in Patients under
the age of 18

Elżbieta Bartoszewicz
Qualified Nurse / Children Phlebotomist

Laser Hair Removal

Marta Kucharska - Sakowicz

Oncology awareness month.

Dr Dorota Cybulska
Gynecologist / Obstetrician


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