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Our Team in Ascroft Medical delivers high quality patient care since 2015.

We offer treatment in spacious and comfortable facilities with a modern interior design.
Our staff and associates is continuously improving their qualifications and knowledge by leaders in the medical industry.

Meet our highly skilled specialists

Dentist & Orthodontist

Marcin Piekara

Dentist / Orthodontist

Karolina Maluga-Siek

Dental Surgeon / Implant Dentist

Jarosław Matuszak

Dental Surgeon / Implant Dentist

Anna Hanik

Dental Hygienist

Joanne Thornton

Dental Hygienist / Dental Therapist

Aesthetic Medicine

Marta Kucharska


Alina Kujawa

GP / Internist / Aesthetic Medicine

Ewa Joss-Wichman


Medical Clinic

Dorota Cybulska


Magdalena Pogwizd

Endocrinologist / Diabetologist / Internist

Agnieszka Święcicka

Endocrinologist / Andrologist / Diabetologist / Internist

Rafał Wichman

Endocrinologist / General Surgeon / Proctologist

Ewa Joss-Wichman


Alina Kujawa

GP / Internist / Aesthetic Medicine

Sławomir Kiepura

Orthopedist / Pediatric Surgeon

Robert Wolk


Elżbieta Bartoszewicz

Qualified Nurse / Children Phlebotomist

Dr Joanna Żak is a qualified Surgeon, Specialist Orthopedist-Traumatologist with 20 years of experience in Ascroft Medical, Oldham Site title Title Primary category Separator

Joanna Żak

Orthopedist / Surgeon