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Alina Kujawa

Medical Doctor


Dr Alina Kujawa studied at Medical Academy in Bydgoszcz where she graduated with a Doctor Diploma in 1996. In 2002 she gained a post graduate degree in Internal Diseases.


She was working as a family doctor/internal diseases specialist in Poland for several years. She has been valued for her professionalism and warm, welcoming approach to the patients of all age groups. She has a broad experience in treating internal diseases of both adults and children.

She also practices aesthetic medicine continuously training and updating her knowledge in the field of aesthetics and beauty. She specialises in anti-ageing procedures, such as botox, fillers, hialuronic acid face reshaping etc.

Dr Kujawa can be seen every Wednesday and Saturday at Ascroft Medical.

Patients booking appointments with this doctor wishing to claim under their medical insurance policy are advised to refer to the terms and conditions of their medical insurance policies. We cannot take responsibility for any medical insurance claims that are not successful as a result. When in doubt as to what you can claim for and the limits please contact your medical insurance provider before booking a consultation, and to obtain the correct advice.

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