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Magdalena Ziarkowska

Speech Therapy


Magdalena Ziarkowska’s main areas of expertise are speech diagnosis and provision of the
associated therapy for children and young people.

Magdalena Ziarkowska is keen to provide the highest quality of service for her patients and
continues to expand her expertise through taking various accredited courses and training. Her latest
achievement being a 1 st Degree in Sensory Therapy from Gdańsk University. She is already looking
forward to taking a future course in Myofunctional Therapy. 

Thanks to combining her abilities with a compassionate attitude towards her young patients, she is
able to effectively eliminate speech impediments.


Magdalena Ziarkowska is a graduate of University of Gdańsk, where, after achieving the title of
Master, she began her postgraduate studies in logopaedics. By 2004 she had completed her studies,
achieving a high grade.

Logopaedic sessions are carried out in a friendly and stress- free atmosphere, which is very
important when working with children and young people.

Magdalena Ziarkowska (known as Magda to her patients) treats her patients with sensitivity.
Through her extensive knowledge and ability, she has found that learning through play, is the best
form of therapy for children.

Areas of her logopaedic expertise include the following:

Patients booking appointments with this doctor wishing to claim under their medical insurance policy are advised to refer to the terms and conditions of their medical insurance policies. We cannot take responsibility for any medical insurance claims that are not successful as a result. When in doubt as to what you can claim for and the limits please contact your medical insurance provider before booking a consultation, and to obtain the correct advice.

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