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ATTENTION! The results of the tests listed below are only available in English!
Our Biomedical tests catalogue only lists our most popular tests. If your test is not listed please contact a member of staff who will be pleased to assist you.

Laboratory Promotions:

Test AcronymTest NamePrice
Available on weekends only
IRTInsulin Resistance Test
Available on weekends only
Over 30's Health Check with 15min teleconsultation Full Blood Count, Kidney function, Liver function, Heart enzymes,
Bone markers, HbA1C, Lipid profile, Iron, TSH for women and PSA for men
Sports PerformanceBone Health, Diabetes Health, Female Hormone Health, Full Blood Count, Heart Health, Infection and Inflammation, Iron Status, Kidney Health, Liver Health, Male Hormone Health, Muscle and Joint Health, Nutritional Health, Stress Health, Thyroid Health, Urine Analysis£250.00
Sports Performance with Doctor Telephone ConsultationSports Performance with 15 min Telephone Consultation: Bone Health, Diabetes Health, Female Hormone Health, Full Blood Count, Heart Health, Infection and Inflammation, Iron Status, Kidney Health, Liver Health, Male Hormone Health, Muscle and Joint Health, Nutritional Health, Stress Health, Thyroid Health, Urine Analysis£290.00
VitDVitamin D 25 (OH)
Available on weekends only

Alphabetical Index:

Test AcronymTest NamePrice
STD7 X STD Infection by PCR£270.00
17 OH17 OH - Progesterone£80.00
ACTHAdreno Corticotropic Hormone£150.00
ALTAlanine Aminotransferase£25.00
ALPAlkaline Phosphatase£25.00
ALLEAllergy - Specific IgE£50.00
AFPAlpha-Feto Protein£45.00
ANPAnemia Profile£130.00
ANAAnti Nuclear Antibodies£55.00
CCPAnti-CCP (CCP) (Y)£50.00
AMHAntimullerian Hormone£100.00
ASOAntistreptococcus O / Anti-Streptolysin O Titre£70.00
ASTAspartate Aminotransferase£25.00
BHCGBeta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin£45.00
TBABile Acids£70.00
TBILBilirubin Total£25.00
Bio1Biochemistry Profile£70.00
FILMBlood Film Examination£30.00
ABOBlood Group£60.00
BORRBorrelia / Lyme Disease IgG + IgM£100.00
BORCBorrelia / Lyme Disease IgG + IgM Confirmation Test (Immunoblot)£400.00
CRP / hsCRPC Reactive Protein / high sensitive C Reactive Protein£40.00
CaCalcium Total£25.00
CA153Cancer Antigen 15-3£60.00
CA199Cancer Antigen 19-9£60.00
CA125Cancer Antigen 125£60.00
CEACarcinoembryonic Antigen£60.00
PAPTCervical Cytology£150.00
CCGChlamydia / Gonorrhea£65.00
SCGChlamydia / Gonorrhea£70.00
ChoCholesterol Total£25.00
CGAChromogranin A Test£210.00
KARYChromosome Analysis (Blood)£500.00
CLPFCoagulation Profile£60.00
GSAGCoeliac Disease – HLA DQ2/DQ8 Genotype£210.00
GSA2Coeliac Disease Profile 2£350.00
GSACoeliac/Gluten Sensitivity Profile£180.00
COOMCoombs (Direct Antiglobulin Test)£50.00
GCOVCOVID-19 IgG£50.00
MCOVCOVID-19 IgM£50.00
COV2NACOVID-19 Neutralising Antibody£50.00
CKCreatine Kinase£40.00
Crea / eGFRCreatinine / Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate£25.00
CMVCytomegalovirus IgG/IgM Antibodies£100.00
DHEASDehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate (DHEA-S)£40.00
EAREar Swab£70.00
ELECElectrolites / Ionogram£70.00
ELECPElectrolites / Ionogram Plus£80.00
EndPEndocrinology Profile£150.00
ESRErythrocites Sedimentation Rate£15.00
EYEEye Swab£70.00
FaecalFaecal Occult Blood Test£65.00
INSUFasting Insulin£40.00
FHPFemale Hormone Profile£160.00
FOLAFolate / Vitamin B9 / Folic acid£40.00
FSHFollicle Stimulating Hormone£45.00
FdAFood Allergy Profile 3£300.00
FIAPFood and Inhalation Allergic Profile 1£500.00
f-TestFree Testosterone£70.00
FT4Free Thyroxine£35.00
FT3Free Triiodothyronine£35.00
FBCFull Blood Count£25.00
GGTGamma GT£25.00
GASTGastrin Level £160.00
* The test is performed only on selected days of the week, please contact the reception
Genetic package after miscarriage£200.00
RBG / FBGGlucose - Random / Fasting£30.00
GBSGroup B Streptococcus£70.00
GHGrowth Hormone£70.00
Bio2Haematology and Biochemistry£100.00
Bio3Haematology Profile£60.00
HbA1CHbA1C - Glycated Hemoglobin£50.00
HFP1Heart Function Profile 1£100.00
HFP2Heart Function Profile 2£120.00
HFP3Heart Function Profile 3£130.00
HbPIgAHelicobacter Pylori - Feces Antigen£55.00
HbPIgGHelicobacter pylori IgG - Quantitative Test£80.00
HBIgMHepatitis B Core Antibody – IgM£45.00
HBIgAHepatitis B Surface Antigen£45.00
HEPCHepatitis C Antibodies£40.00
HERSHerpes Simplex I / II (PCR Swab)£80.00
HERDHerpes Simplex Virus (HSV) I/II - PCR First Urine £70.00
HERPHerpes Simplex Virus (HSV) I/II IgG£60.00
HERMHerpes Simplex Virus (HSV) I/II IgM£60.00
HVSHigh Vaginal Swab£70.00
HIVHIV Antibody / Antigen (Combo)£50.00
HPVDNAHuman Papillomavirus DNA Subtypes£120.00
HPVHHuman Papillomavirus mRNA£80.00
RubIgMIgM Rubella - Semi-Quantitative Test£45.00
IAPInhalation Allergic Profile 2£300.00
IRTInsulin Resistance Test£100.00
(IODI)Iodine (Serum) £120.00
ISPIron Status Profile£70.00
KFP1Kidney Function Profile 1£60.00
LPLipid Profile£60.00
LPALipoprotein (a)£70.00
LFTLiver Function Profile£60.00
LHLuteinizing Hormone£45.00
MHPMale Hormone Profile£160.00
MGUPCRMycoplasma Genitalium / Ureaplasma by PCR£150.00
MGSPCRMycoplasma Genitalium by PCR - Swab£70.00
NASNasal Swab£70.00
NSENeurone Specific Enolase£100.00
OGTTOral Glucose Tolerance Test£90.00
PFTPancreas Function Tests£80.00
PhrySPharyngeal Swab (ORSW)£70.00
PPProstate Profile (Total & Free PSA)£100.00
PrtgProteinogram / Protein Electrophoresis incl. immunoglobin£70.00
VDRLRapid Plasma Reagin (or VDRL) - Siphilis£50.00
RecSRectal Swab£70.00
RFRheumatoid Factors£30.00
RPRheumatology Profile£160.00
HE4ROMA - Ovarian Malignancy Risk algorithm£100.00
SPCUSemen analysis test£90.00
SHBGSex Hormone Binding Globulin£50.00
SkSSkin Swab (SKIS)£70.00
NaSodium (NA) (Y)£25.00
SPUSputum for culture£70.00
SCLPStool Culture for Lamblia and Parasites£70.00
STRStool for for Reducing Substances£70.00
SOVAPStool for OVA Cysts & Parasites by PCR£60.00
SYPHSyphilis IgG/IgM£50.00
THRSThroat Swab£70.00
TFPThyroid Profile 1
TFP2Thyroid Profile 2
FT3, Anti-TG, Anti-TPO, TSH, FT4, T4
TFP3Thyroid Profile 3
IGATotal IgA£40.00
IGETotal IgE£40.00
IGGTotal IgG£40.00
IGMTotal IgM£40.00
TPTotal Protein£25.00
ToxoAbToxoplasma Antibodies IgG + IgM£60.00
TROPTroponin T£80.00
TSHTSH 3rd Generation£40.00
TSITSH-RA Receptor Antibodies£175.00
UEUrea and Electrolites£70.00
UrePUreaplasma by PCR - Swab £70.00
UreSUrethral Swab£70.00
UAUric Acid£25.00
UCUrine Chemistry£40.00
UCMUrine Chemistry and Microscopy£50.00
UCMCUrine Chemistry, Microscopy and Culture£70.00
VagSVaginal Swab (VAGS)£70.00
VitB6Vitamin B6£60.00
VitB12Vitamin B12£50.00
VitDVitamin D 25 (OH)£70.00
VitMinVitamins and Minerals£80.00
WouSWound Swab£70.00