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Rehabilitation of vertigo, dizziness and balance disorder

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You are welcome to book an appointment for consultation and rehabilitation with our neurophisiotherapist Karolina Jurczak Jendzio.

The aim of rehabilitation therapy for patients with balance disorder is to reduce vertigo
and disequilibrium.

The diagnosis is crucial for introducing and planning the type of treatment.

Anamnesis and clinical examination are important to recognize coexistent illness which should in uence the therapeutic procedure.

The rehabilitation had two parts: one is vestibular rehabilitation and the other one is rehabilitation in benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. The aim of the rst is to improve compensation processes already existing in the brain. Vestibular rehabilitation training based on repetition exercises which provoked vertigo and disequilibrium.

The indications for treatment are unilateral, bilateral and chronic vestibular lesions, vertigo in patients with anxiety and depression and ageing disequilibrium. In benign paroxysmal positional vertigo the diagnostic maneuvers are the most important. It implies the type of therapeutic procedure.

Rehabilitation therapy in vestibular system impairment is helpful in recovery patients with vertigo and disequilibrium.

Only in Febuary cost of consultation is £25/30 minutes.

ref:’vestibular and disability rehabilitation therapy’ Malgorzata Jozefowicz-Kopczynska

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