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Health screening package for patients over 30s

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A large part of our society sees their doctors only when deteriorating health affects their everyday lifestyle and comfort. We should think about preventive medicine and conduct regular health check-ups to allow the early detection of diseases that do not show symptoms, so and immediate treatment can take pace and and avoid further complications.

Doctors recommend regular preventive examinations after the thirtieth year of life!

At Ascroft Medical we are inviting all our patients over thirty years of age, are to participate in preventive screening tests and have their results interpreted by our Medical Doctor; Dr Alina Kujawa!

The preventive test on offer are as follows: Blood tests:

  • Full Blood Count with Differentiation
  • Kidney function tests: sodium, potassium, chlorine, bicarbonates, urea, creatinine, eGFR
  • Liver function tests: bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, AST, ALT, GGTP, total protein, albumin, globulins
  • Heart enzymes tests: CK, LDH
  • Bone markers tests: Ca, phosphorus, uric acid

and also

  • Glucose
  • Lipid profile: HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol and non-HDL Cholesterol
  • Iron, Total Iron Binding Capacity
  • TSH – function of the thyroid gland
  • Blood pressure measurement.

At Ascroft Medical you will receive your laboratory test results over email. If all your test results are good, you will not be invited for a consultation.

We will invite you for a 15 min consultation included in the price of this offer if any of your results show anomalies where the doctor will interpret the results with you and advise you on the next steps to take.

Thanks to these tests it is possible to make a general health assessment and determine the risk or detect diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver and diabetes.

Perform the tests on and empty stomach.

The price of the package with results interpretation is – £99.

This offer is valid until 31/07/2019

Contact us to arrange a meeting.

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