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Dentistry Awards Finalist

All smiles at Ascroft Medical! Ascroft Medical is based in the centre of Oldham. This Clinic are delighted to be chosen as

0% – Interest Free Finance

0% installments for services at Ascroft Medical Take advantage of a non-interest-bearing instalment system available for all treatments offered in our clinic

HARMONY Prenatal Test

What is Harmony Prenatal Test? HARMONY PRENATAL TEST is a new DNA – based blood test for Down syndrome. Harmony is more


A Quickstep Forward into the Future Billington’s Dance Academy, a building with great history has a new owner and an exciting future!

Infant Hip Joint USS Examination

WHAT IS A HIP JOINT USS ULTRASOUND SCAN  An ultrasound examination of the hip joints in children is a preventive examination. This

Time to exfoliate

WINTER SEASON – THE IDEAL TIME TO EXFOLIATE Winter is the perfect time to strengthen, rebuild and regenerate our skin. This is

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