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Time to exfoliate

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Time to exfoliate - rebuild and regenerate skin, achieve spectacular results, PCA Skin, care and consultation, treatments in Ascroft Medical.


Winter is the perfect time to strengthen, rebuild and regenerate our skin. This is a period when special attention should be paid to preparing the skin for cold frosts, and taking care of the reconstruction of the hydro-lime coat of the skin. It is very important to choose the right treatments and appropriate after care. During this period, it is very important to regularly exfoliate the dead epidermis cells and any impurities. As well as to take care of the proper regulation of the skin’s keratosis processes.

A few words about the chemical peels/acids

Treatments which use chemical peels consist of deliberate chemical damage to the epidermis. Depending on the preparation used and its concentration, it  leads to exfoliation at different levels of the skin. Acids correctly matched to a patient’s skin helps to effectively deal with imperfections such as acne, acne scars or discoloration. 

In Ascroft Medical, we work with the PCA Skin brand – a leading producer of highly effective and professional therapeutic treatments and skin care cosmetics.

PCA Skin enjoys the unwavering trust of patients. PCA Skin is the leader on the American market, in the development of effective and professional methods of treating skin problems and daily care.

The foundation of effective care is in the consultation. Cosmetologist selects treatments and products for the specific needs of the patient’s skin. This can help to achieve spectacular results. If you need some advice on the condition of your skin, do not hesitate , get in touch with Ascroft Medical today!

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